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Unformatted text preview: -H * ª · ¸û -H * ª · ¸û -H * ª · ¸û - ERP E 1 2 3 ABC ( ) TIME PHASE (¸ * ª · û 1 ) L OT ª·1 *û¸ ª·1 *û¸ 4 ERP 2 SAP Acclerated SAP (ASAP) ORACLE Application Implemention Methodology (AIM) Definition Operation Analysis Solution Design KPMG Rapid Return on investment (R2i) Confirm Requirement IBM JDE 2 2 . ª · Q¸ û Implex JDE Implementation ERP Approach Define Train ERP Project Preparation Position Business Blueprint Complete Configure Tranning Simulation Conference Room Pilot #1 Conference Room Pilot #2 User Acceptance Test Production Design Model ªL · Q ¸ û Realization Bulid Final Preparation Configure û Configure ·ªL Q¸ Implement L ·ª û Q ¸ Go Live & Support Transition Production Start-up Go Live Refine ªL · Qû ¸ L ·ª û ¸Q 5 ERP h· ò® Logistics Production Planning - SAP R/3 SAP SD Financ. Account. Controlling FI Sales &Distr. Materials Mgmt Accounting TR MM CO PP R/3 Client/Server ABAP HR IS WF Human Resources. Industry Solutions Treasury Quality Mgmt QM Plant Mainten. PM Project System PS Workflow Human Resources 6 © SAP AG Cross-Application Functions R SAP 2 Financial controlling Resource controlling Sales Presales Activity Sales order Inventory CustomerCustomer Delivery Sourcing Billing payment Shop Planned Production floor order order control Production SOP MPS MRP Purchasing Logistics controlling Invoice Requi- Vendor Purchase Goods Vendor verifisition selection order receipt payment cation Sales,Production,Purchasing,Warehouse 7 ERP 2 Human Resources Human Resources Payroll Training Administration - Oracle Oracle Market Management Sales & Marketing Sales Compensation Sales Analyzer Supply Chain Management Management Supply Chain Planning Inventory Purchasing Supplier Scheduling Order Entry Product Configurator APS Service Finance Financial Analyzer Financial General Ledger General Payables Receivables Assets Human Resources Resources Finance Finance Projects Projects Market Market Manage Manage ment Supply Chain Supply Management Management Manufacturi Manufacturi ng Customer Customer s Information Technology Technology Manufacturing Manufacturing Engineering Bills of Material Work in Process Cost Management MS / MRP Capacity Quality OSFM OSFM Projects Project Costing Project Billing Personal Time & Expense Information Technology Business Agents (Alert) Workflow EDI Gateway Internet Commerce Applications Data Warehouse 8 Oracle 2 Invoices Internal Payments Shipments Orders Transportation Information HR Journal Entries Payroll GL AR Customers Corporate Journal Entries n al E Jour ntrie s COST Journal Entries FA Journal Entries Mass Addition Vendor Invoices Vendor Payments Workflow Interplant PO Vendor PO OE Bills Shipments Items Work Orders Bills and Routings INV COST AP Receipts BOM COST ENG WIP Receipts Work Orders PO ECOS Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 2 2 Enterprise Demand 9 The Role of ERP Project Member Position Position Steering Committee 99T9 p»ÿ Œ4 ƒîT p :ÿ» 2 Executives Team) 4•  • T Project Manager 99T9 p»ÿ Œ4 ƒîT p :ÿ» 4• ñ e ‘ ˜·ª. T •Â P ós 2 MIS ¸ V 99ÿ T» p»ÿ Œ4 ƒîT p :9 T•  • 4 T•  • 4 MIS 3 q9 :9 ÿ » 9 p G9 MIS 3 q9 p »ÿ: 9G tø 3 Key User ˜·ª. T•ñ4•  ‘ P e Description MIS Module Owner Key User (Module Leader) End User 2 . ª · 2ò £ P MIS Support Team . ª· e¨ ñ 10 Market Information : Customers Sales FCST Microsoft Excel Sales Quotations Sales Contract Customer Data BOMs Routing Sales Order Item Data MPS BOMs MPS Routing MPS Daily Production Order Material Requisitions Lª ¸ F Ï È Lª ¸ F Ï È Work Station1 Run Card PQC Work Station2 Run Card MRP Item Data Supplier Data Purchase Inquiries Purchase Contract Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Receipts IQC Inspection Warehouse Management OQC 11 Picking List MK ERP System 12 Home Study L· ô ÿh ª : TøL (Reference material : Principal Operation Management)7 ˆ ª ·û 2 . ERP ˆ ª · û7 ? . ª · û 7ˆ . ª · û7 ˆ . ª · û7 ˆ . ª · ˆ5 û :2 :2 : 5 min/ 2 : 2 ª · A4 ˆ û 7 13 ...
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