It is important to have the right parts at the right

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Unformatted text preview: . It is important to have the right parts at the right time to ensure availability. A CMMS cannot support enhanced maintenance productivity without complete and accurate information. Imagine the chaos created by a similar lack of detail in your companies accounting information system. Track 100% of your maintenance activity and 100% of maintenance and repair spares in the CMMS to get the greatest return. Required CMMS Functions Some CMMS companies offer advanced functions that are out of this world. These functions may seem impressive; however it is useful to ask yourself if that function has any relationship with a current maintenance activity. Adding new activities while implementing a CMMS may be an invitation for failure. © Copyright 2003 NetexpressUSA Inc. All rights reserved 4 PO Box 07070 Fort Myers FL 33919 USA Survey participants highlighted 6 key functions that are “must have” for any CMMS. Work Order Management Planning Function Scheduling Function Budget/Cost Function Spares Management Key Performance Indicators (KPI) These are common sense elements that are generally part of any existing maintenance program. When asked how effective each of these functions is handled with the current CMMS, less than 50% characterized the performance as excellent. There seems to be large disconnect between, must have functions and their actual implementation. 4 Keys for CMMS Success Four key areas emerged to ensure CMMS success, that like the “must have” elements seem obvious in terms of common sense but often get lost in the complex CMMS bidding and acquisition process. Ease of use Management Support © Copyright 2003 NetexpressUSA Inc. All rights reserved 5 Reliabilityweb...
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