The survey found that less than half of the

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Unformatted text preview: vey found that less than half of the respondents utilized the CMMS vendor for implementation and only 20% used a third party. Although most companies have Information Technology (IT) Departments that are capable of the installing complex CMMS Software, it is dangerous to leave important configuration decisions to them. They are not familiar with the context that maintenance operates in and base decisions on their own criteria and best judgment. Implementing CMMS is a highly specialized skill. To increase the ROI and productivity of a CMMS, consider using the vendor or a third party. Find an implementer who will partner with you for long term success. © Copyright 2003 NetexpressUSA Inc. All rights reserved 7 PO Box 07070 Fort Myers FL 33919 USA [email protected] CMMS Training Less than 40% of survey respondents offer formalized CMMS training for new maintenance employees. 41% budget less than $10,000 per year for ongoing CMMS training. This is a huge area for improvement. Training makes any system easier to use, and if people are comfortable using the system, they are more likely to participate in its success. Training will teach users how to make the CMMS work for them rather than them seeing the CMMS as extra work. Develop a strategy for CMMS training on a continuing basis for improved productivity. Summary Many maintenance practitioners log dissatisfaction about specific brands of CMMS software, however this survey points out huge opportunities to improve the productivity of any existing CMMS. Use specialized CMMS support and training consultants to lower the learning curve and make the CMMS easier to use and solicit management support. Commit to a 100% level of use, then start leverage the information to review and improve maintenance work processes. If you are sh...
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