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Unformatted text preview: .com PO Box 07070 Fort Myers FL 33919 USA Low Learning Curve A Defined Maintenance Work Process Ease of use and a low learning curve speak to that fact a system will get more use if it does not require complex learning. It is the job management to support the CMMS and to communicate the expectation that everyone involved will keep data accurate and current. If you suffer from poor maintenance work practices, a CMMS will simply automate the process so disaster happens faster and with less effort. Explore, improve and document maintenance work process before implementing a CMMS. CMMS Paradox 62% Changed Their Maintenance Work Process to Fit the CMMS 66% Customized the CMMS to Fit the Work Process Changing work processes while trying to implement a CMMS will complicate the project and create frustration among users, who may lay the blame on the CMMS, reducing buyin and productivity. Choose to get the CMMS up and running smoothly before you change too many work processes. The other alternative is to master the new work processes prior to implementing a CMMS. © Copyright 2003 NetexpressUSA Inc. All rights reserved 6 PO Box 07070 Fort Myers FL 33919 USA Customizing a CMMS can also be an invitation for trouble. Support is more difficulty and upgrades may not be available. It may be a good strategy to see what an off the shelve system is capable of before you customize a CMMS. Implementation Resources Managing a maintenance department is a complex activity and requires specialized skills and resources. Implementing a CMMS is also a very specialized skill and is not part of the core skill sets usually found in a maintenance department. The sur...
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