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Lab_lit search assignment - Wyer and Thomas K Srull 7 Which...

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Literature Search Assignment 1. What were Roy F. Baumeister and Barry R. Schlenker arguing about in the 3 consecutive articles published in the fourth issue of volume 68 of the 1995 JPSP? 2. If you wanted to hire a personal tutor to learn about self-generated attitude change, who would you contact first (who has more publications than anyone else on this topic)? 3. What's the "Genius" effect? 4. From university did Sonja Lyubomirsky obtain her Ph.D. (i.e., where did she write her dissertation)? 5. You are interested in the topic of James A. Shepperd’s dissertation, but you don't have time to track it down. Which one of his subsequent journal articles addresses a topic that most closely resembles the title of his dissertation? 6. How many books have been edited by, written by, or contain chapters written by Robert S.
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Unformatted text preview: Wyer and Thomas K. Srull? 7. Which author/publication was the last to cite M.R. Leary & J. L. Jones's article in the 1993 Journal of Applied Social Psychology titled "The social-psychology of tanning and sunscreen use: Self-presentational motives as a predictor of health risk." (NOTE: There are two possible answers) 8. What "compensation" did students receive for participating in Study 1 of the article by William M. P. Klein et al. published in Motivation and Emotion (2001)? 9. You want to go to New York University for graduate school in social psychology. You are interested in person perception and social judgment. With which three professors should you work? 10. Where can I go on the Internet (provide URL) to try a sample version of the Implicit Association Test (IAT)?...
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