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29 - • Most passive tribes there is demo usually everyone...

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History 10 09/29/08 1200 bc 1 st part of notes get from cathy or niles Group of ppl who ate and drunk and clothes all from animals, even tents they lived in, o Didn’t farm or grow any plants They were never settled, because they ate animals and lived off of them Didn’t know how to read or write Great at war! o Spent most of their lives in war or training for war o Had to fight well to protect their animals, along with the land the animals ate off o War became part of their culture 3500 bc – civil arose many civil had the same characteristics Characteristics o Usually have ar o Usually have larger population *because they have more food o Cities or large Urban center o Development of large econ (some type of money exchange) o Development of Gov’t o Early stages usually always monarchy king or religion o Development of classes when ppl become more civil
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Unformatted text preview: • Most passive tribes there is demo, usually everyone votes o Men and women are usually equal o There is usually class division • Mes: 1 st recorded civil o Two river tiger and o 3500, 1 st cities and states and new tech development • such as writing • the wheel 3100 BC – Egypt civil 1200 bc Ramses around a river, nile Nile : political- helped bring Egypt together 1 st nation state – ruled by a king divided in 3 – New Kingdom Middle Kingdom Old Kingdom All three believed in the three P’s Peace Prosperity Pyramids 1652 – Egypt was safe until the 1652. ***** 1551? – when kingdom began this when they decided to take another civils land Ramses Ruled the latest- 2000 BC China Turkey Greece – 1400 BC...
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29 - • Most passive tribes there is demo usually everyone...

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