final - Imperial Origins - (myths of the Romans, Aztecs,...

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Imperial Origins - (myths of the Romans, Aztecs, Incas etc.) Roman – a. Numitor i. Was king of Alublanba a 400? yrs after founded ii. His little brother drove him out of the city (Amulius) iii. Amulius becomes king 1. There was a properics stating that if Numitor’s daughter (Rhea silvia) ever had kids they would over throw amulius 2. Amulius throws Rhea Silivia in jail 3. The Roman god of war (Mars) a. Mars and Silivia make babies i. Remulus and Remus ii. Numitor put them in a basket and put them down a river iii. After a wolf finding them and giving them milk iv. Then a shepred found them and take care of them b. Remulus and Remus (20yrs later) i. They back got and kill Numitor ii. Aeneas comes back and becomes king again iii. Remulus and Remus do not have to rule Al, they want to build their own city 1. They couldn’t agree with hill to start their new city 2. So they divide and start making their own cities 3. Remus went to visit him brother, but his brother was building a wall a. Remulus kills Remus for making fun of his wall b. “That is what will happen to anyone who goes against my city”753 bc c. Thus the Build of Rome 4. What doe this tell us? a. Romans after troy were led by god, i. Meaning they felt like god followed them b. Roman father was of war c. Remulus killed his brother i. Because rome comes 1 st - Remus and Romulus son of Mars (The God of war) Stating they are part divide and experts in war and battle - Remus choosing his city of his brother Shows much proud Romans should have with their nation Holy Wars – fighting for religion
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Crusades -Were all military expeditions launched by Christians of Europe in effort to gain back holy wars 1 st Crusades -35,000 Soldiers went -took 3 years but successful in conquening holy lands, but didn’t lands back to Byzantime -Slaughtered Jerusalem and killed all of them, after went to
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final - Imperial Origins - (myths of the Romans, Aztecs,...

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