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his 10 final review - 1) Fall of Civilizations/Dark Ages...

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1) Fall of Civilizations/Dark Ages -the civilizations are: -China -Mesopotamia -Greece-Mycenean -Hittites -Near East -Egypt -combination of internal and external factors that lead to the fall of civilizations -examples of internal problems are: -revolts -rebellions -civil wars -natural resources -man made disasters -famine -over population -bad leadership -examples of external problems are: -attacks from pastrolists tribes -attacks from other outsiders -characteristics of a civilization are: -agriculture -large populations -developed cities -large urban cities -economy -government -state -monarchy -religious hierarchy -division of class -civilizations began around rivers -1 st civilization was Mesopotamia -had Tigris and Euphrates Rivers -created technologies like the wheel and writing -Egypt started around the Nile -the were not attacked for 1500 years -in 1652 BC they were attacked by the Hyksos -Hyksos had a better army because they had chariots -they occupied Egypt for a century -Egyptians drove the Hyksos out by using chariots -Pastoralists tribes developed lighter stronger armor, longer swords, and javelins -they stopped using chariots because they weren’t as fast -the Pastoralists started their invasions in the Northwest (Greece) -all Greek cities were attacked and destroyed including Mycenae
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-they knew the attacks were coming -they built smaller towns in walls but they were still destroyed -Pylos was also destroyed and written records reveal that the king tried to prepare for attacks by land and sea and he sacrificed humans to get the support of the Gods -the destruction of the cities was the beginning of the Dark Age for Greece -90% of the people were gone -Hittite empire was destroyed -their existence was forgotten and rediscovered in 1800 AD -Cyprus was destroyed -b4 the attack, they buried their valuables and left -the people never came back after the attacks -the Near East was attacked -In 1179 BC Ugarit was attacked -a letter from the king shows that he tried to help the Hittites but they couldn’t even help themselves -Egypt was attacked 4 times -Rameses III used their attacker’s technology against them in order to survive -Greece, Hittite, and the Near East were all destroyed -Egypt was weakened and never recovered Empires (Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Mongols etc.) - Roman Revolution, 133-31BC -Rome became a dominant power of the Mediterranean -in 133 Romans began to fight with each other for the first time -The revolution lasted a century -Rome fell and was replaced by the Roman Empire (Monarchy) -At 1 st , the government was similar to a Greek polis -all men could vote -Rome was a narrow oligarchy ruled by senate (300 members) in actuality -the senate was the 300 wealthiest men in Rome -always competition between senators over 3 things: -election to office -policy -who gets military command which comes with glory and the more glory the more power
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his 10 final review - 1) Fall of Civilizations/Dark Ages...

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