History 10 lecture notes 12-3(2)

History 10 lecture notes 12-3(2) - History 10 16th Century/...

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History 10 16 th Century/ 1500's AD Aztecs Montezuma II 1502- 1520 AD Quetzacoat I Cortes 1519 Cultahuac 1520 Incas Huayna Capac 1498- 1530 Huascar 1530- 1532 Atahualpa 1532- 1533 Pizzarra Cajamarca 1532 Tupac 1572 As Europeans moved around, came into contact with many people, in dealing with these people, lived by one simple rule: GET AWAY WITH WHAT YOU CAN. 1500's: Spanish come into contact with the greatest empires: Aztec Empire of North America and Inca Empire in South America. Aztecs: consisted of about 12 million people. Most people were not Aztecs, they were different ethinic groups who had been conqureed by the Aztecs. This empire was on an island. Montezuma II was the Aztec King. ruled 1502- 1520, was concerned about the future. During reign, number of bad omens occurred, earthquakes, famine, floods, comet, thought something big was coming (bad). What concerned him the most was the ancient legdend about Quetzacoat, the legdend: left mexico centuries before to go east to the sea. One day he would return and reclaim Aztec empire. Aztec priest predticted he would return in 1519. It was in 1519 that the Spanish first appeared. 1519, group of Spanish soldiers come to Aztec empire, led by Cortes. Open up official relations with the Aztecs. If the opportunity presented itself then they would take over. Spanish marched inland, west to the capital. Cortes realizes that there might be an opportunity to do well in the empire. Cortes realized Spanish had a big adavantage with technology. They had steel armor and weapons, riffles, canons, Aztec had no metal armor or weapons, they used sharp rocks as weapons
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History 10 lecture notes 12-3(2) - History 10 16th Century/...

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