history final review 2 12-13

history final review 2 12-13 - 1 Egyptian Empire Egypt 1200...

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1 Egyptian Empire Egypt: 1200 bc began around a river Nile was used politically, to help unify Egypt into one country. World's first nation state, country. Ruled by a king or a pharrah. believed to be blesses b their god. was protected from outside attact. 1652 bc egypt was invade Hyksos come in and take over. and cocupie for century Egypts so rose up and drove them out. this period was different from other periods: decided they were gonna conquer an empire wanted to do this in order to make Egypt safe more land= more buffer zone and so it would be difficult to attack Rameses II: pharrell ruled eqypt for long time. almost whole century built monuments then any egypt pharrell most concerned about building an empire to conqure 1274 greatest battle of this period was fought. Battle of Qadesh! one side of Qadesh was Ramese and his army, 3000 charit teams, 20000 infantry Hittie was fighting: 3500 chariets, their infantry was a little bigger Muwatallis is the king of Hittie empire. He tried to play a trick on Rameses. they told Rameses that Hittie was no where near Qadesh and they were further north. Rameses takes what they said and go about it in another way. Muwatallis launches a surprise attack. According to Rameses all his guys run off. Rameses prays, Aman appears and gives him his hand, he says that he is the Lord of Victory. According to Rameses charges six times and his army sees this and comes back to help. Eyptians and Hitties sign peace treaty, first known treaty. Divide land and stays like this for two centuries. Rameses marries Hitties princess. 2 Assyrian Empire conquered greatest empire originated in Northern messapainia two kings were responsible for conquering this empire. Tiglathpilesser III and Sargon II were the kings. Sargon, grandson of king III 722- 705 bc. King III conquered all of mes and also the near east. This was the first time in history that these two places were controlled by one gov't. Sargon completed conquest by conquering Egypt. They were successful because: they had the best and biggest army during this period 120,000 soldiers compared to Rameses with 20,000 They used iron weapons They apparently invented calvary, men fighting on horse back, could be used to get aroung armies, chase down those who fled They were masters at siege warfare. They had a lot of techniques that they used to break down walls, get over walls, and to tunnel under walls.
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They believed that their vast empire was not conquered on accident, they believed that it was all part of a divine plan. Their gods wanted them to conquer a vast empire they believed that holy war was literally a holy war, for god.
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history final review 2 12-13 - 1 Egyptian Empire Egypt 1200...

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