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HISTORY 10-CENTURIES TERM-PAPER GUIDELINES * * * -here are the guidelines you should follow when writing the papers, if papers do not fulfill the requirements they will be marked down: -at least 5 & no more than 7 pages (NO MORE & NO LESS; no large/small fonts, abnormal spacing, massive chapter subdivisions, outlines/numbered sequence points etc.). -paper must be in the period this class covers (3500BC-1600AD) -all references must have proper footnotes with a proper bibliography -the paper you must use at least 4 sources: 2 scholarly books written by a history professor (internet sources will not be accepted for this requirement) and 2 ancient/primary sources written by someone who was roughly contemporaneous with the topic you are describing, give or take a few centuries -late papers will be marked down: 1 letter grade for every day it is late
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Unformatted text preview: -check for grammar! Paper must be clearly written! - paper should have a clear thesis or argument within the introduction. The introduction itself is one of the most important parts of the paper. the introductory paragraph (or few paragraphs) should introduce the subject of the paper, state the thesis, and offer some information on how the paper will be organized or how the argument will proceed-paper should be a combination of narrative and argumentation-telling a story but the reader should draw very specific conclusions. Have enough narration (story-telling) to make sure reader can follow the arguments, and enough argumentation that reader understands the significance or meaning of the story paper is telling....
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