1st Century BC – Republic

1st Century BC – Republic - 1st Century BC...

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1 st I. Civil War a. Fought between Julius Ceaser and Cn. Pompey magnus b. C. Julius Caesar i. Govern of Pro in Roman Em ii. Pharalus didn’t like how much money Caesar was getting iii. Since roman’s don’t accept defeat, Caesar marched toward Italy iv. Starting the 2 nd Civil War c. Pompey i. Didn’t believe Caesar would fight 1. Because Pompey had four armies a. All the armies were around the med 2. Caesar had one army 3. But Pompey did not have an army in Italy a. When Caesar came to Italy Pompey fled east i. Because that’s were one of their armies were b. Caesar then had Rome i. Then takes his army to Greece to confront Pompey and the Senate (East) c. 48 Civil of battle of Pharsalus i. Caesar wins 1. (Never loses like Alex) ii. Pompey then fled south to Egypt d. Ptolmey XIII was the King of Egypt during this time i. Descent of one of the generals of Alex the Great 1. That General took over Egypt after Alex’s death 2. 3 cen later his descent was still ruling ii. He knew Egypt was weak compared to Rome 1. And wanted to stay on rome’s good side 2. No excuse for Rome to attack him
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1st Century BC – Republic - 1st Century BC...

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