6th century - III. Nika Revolt 532 a. Citizens would made...

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6 th century/500’s AD Byzantine I. Eastern Rome Empire a. Survived i. Smaller ii. Had a lot of people b. Still wanted to take over the west c. Dreamed of bringing back the Roman Empire II. Justinian I 527-565 AD a. Wanted to reunite Roman Empire i. Re-did Amry ii. Taxed more iii. This made him very unpopular
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Unformatted text preview: III. Nika Revolt 532 a. Citizens would made they were taxed so much, so they revolted i. Constantine 1. Everything happened in the Hippodrome 2. IV. Hippodrome Theordora Vandals 533 534 Ostrogoths Cothic War 525-532 Visigoths 555...
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