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6th century - III Nika Revolt 532 a Citizens would made...

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6 th century/500’s AD Byzantine I. Eastern Rome Empire a. Survived i. Smaller ii. Had a lot of people b. Still wanted to take over the west c. Dreamed of bringing back the Roman Empire II. Justinian I 527-565 AD a. Wanted to reunite Roman Empire i. Re-did Amry ii. Taxed more iii. This made him very unpopular
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Unformatted text preview: III. Nika Revolt 532 a. Citizens would made they were taxed so much, so they revolted i. Constantine 1. Everything happened in the Hippodrome 2. IV. Hippodrome Theordora Vandals 533 – 534 Ostrogoths Cothic War 525-532 Visigoths 555...
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