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Evolutionary Biology: Section Assignment Visit the Museum of the Earth Visit the Museum of the Earth and complete this worksheet You may visit the museum at your convenience between February 6 th and February 16 th Assignment due in section during the week of February 17 th - February 19 th As we begin our study of evolution this semester, we would like you to step far back in time. At the recently opened Museum of the Earth , run by the Paleontological Research Institute, you will trace the history of the earth and its biological life through five billion years of change. Humans have existed for only a tiny proportion of this planet’s history, yet even our understanding of evolution tends to be biased by our shortsightedness. Often we study the aspects of evolution that we can observe and relate to in our lifetimes. At the Museum of the Earth, we challenge you to begin your understanding of evolution on a grander time scale - from the first collision of rocks that formed this planet, to the mass extinction of dinosaurs that paved the way for the age of mammals. Location, Admission, and Hours The Museum of the Earth (MOE) is located on Route 96 (Trumansberg Rd), just north of Ithaca along the west side of Cayuga Lake. To reach MOE by bus, take TCAT route 21. Plan your trip using the schedule on the TCAT website at http://tcat.nextinsight.com/routes/299 . The bus stops on campus at Sage Hall, The Boyce Thompson Institute, and the Vet School, plus several locations in town, which are listed on the schedule. Get off the bus at the stop for Cayuga Medical Center. You can also ask the driver to drop you off at the special drop-off shelter closer to the Museum. To return home, wait at the MOE bus shelter in the hospital parking lot, about 100 yards north of the Museum’s entrance. Don’t hesitate to ask the MOE personnel if you need help locating their bus shelter. We ask you to be independent and visit the MOE on your own schedule. The MOE is full of fun
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Spring2009_Museum_of_the_Earth - Evolutionary Biology...

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