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9/9 Sophists: peripatetic. In favor of oligarchies b/c wanted polis to be governed by people who had the proper arguing skills. Socrates (469-399 BCE)-enemy of the Sophists. Didn't want to be a teacher—questioner of truth. Held groups in Athens, kids came for free to discuss w him. In process of socializing have deep philosophical discussions (Ex: Aristophanes, Plato's Republic). Not formal profession. Oracle of delphi announced that he was wisest man in world-to prove oracle wrong, goes to baker and asks his secrets. Asks politician, teacher, justice but none of them has this info. .. if I know nothing, I can interrogate ppl to find the truth---questioning. At the end of the recorded dialogues it seems like theres no answer-not really the point of thinking. Thinking makes us better human beings. To abandon thinking to others is to become less human. Sophists can defend anything-but Socrates believes if something is truly rational then it must be universal-objectively true regardless of situation.
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Unformatted text preview: ▪ Individualistic-breaks down Athenian social networks. The state should be governed by a philosopher-king---line is blurred between Plato and Socrates in the former's writings. • In ancient world in general, thought needed to be in cohesive units to survive-thinking in collective terms. Group-think ▪ executed b/c quasi-atheistic-renounces pantheon of gods. Many of students went into exile and ◦ Plato(427-347 BCE) returns-starts school (the Academy) with tuition. Attracted a lot of students. ▪ (in readings-status of slavery and women) ▪ cave allegory-when in cave, can only see the shadows made from the fire (we think we know whats going on around us, but its all an illusion). ..have to break free of chains and go out into daylight. At first blinded, but then when see real sunlight will never want to return to cave. ▪ Reality exists “beyond the cave”-in an ulterior realm. Purely in the mind. Math is most pure form of rational thought...
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