Anthropology 5 problem set 1

Anthropology 5 problem set 1 - Anthropology 5 Fall 2009...

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Anthropology 5 Fall 2009 Problem Set # 1 To do this problem set you should have attended the first lecture and read Chapter 1. Living things are complex, integrated, well adapted to their environments and capable of reproducing. At present, the theory of evolution by natural selection is the best scientific explanation for that state of affairs. Detail the six logical steps of the theory. These six points explain many series of logical questions, they explain all forms of life and organisms. Each and every specie has its own unique characteristics and configuration of traits. 1. Reproduction is exponential because each generation grows larger than the previous generation. An example is 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512. Each generation will reproduce twice as much or more than the previous generation. 2. But, numbers of organisms tend to be relatively stable in nature due to natural selection. Those individuals who have disadvantage traits will relatively die sooner than those who have advantage traits. 3. Therefore, when individuals are producing offspring, it is mandatory that they must fail to achieve their reproductive potential. 4. Individuals with advantages traits are more likely to survive and reproduce because they have stronger traits then those individuals who have common traits or disadvantage traits. Natural Selection makes the judgment of who survives and who doesn’t 5. Offspring resemble their parents. The offspring will receive a bit of each trait from both of their parents. The successful parents will pass their advantageous traits onto their offspring, while unsuccessful parents do not pass their disadvantageous traits. 6. So advantageous traits become more common over the generations. That is
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Anthropology 5 problem set 1 - Anthropology 5 Fall 2009...

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