Anthropology 5 problem set 2

Anthropology 5 problem set 2 - Anthropology 5 Fall 2009...

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Anthropology 5 Fall 2009 Problem Set # 2 To do this problem set you should have read Chapter 2 of your textbook and attended the first three lectures. 1. To be subject to evolution by natural selection a trait must be transmitted reliably from parent to offspring. A. In Darwin’s day, people believed in a “fluid” or “blending” model of heredity. Why would such a system not support evolution by natural selection? Natural selection is defined to be a group of organisms with a variety of traits. Therefore natural selection does not support blending inheritance because it dilutes some of the good traits that were given from the two parents. It reduces the number of genetic variation. B. How does the behavior of Mendelian genes differ from this blending model? (hint: what evidence shows that they do not blend?) The behavior of Mendelian genes is different than the blending model because it does not delude a good trait. Mendel shows how traits can be mixed but not blended together. The principle of Mendel’s law shows how a mixture of two parents can create an offspring with both their trait. It does not delude any trait; rather the trait that is dominant becomes the offspring’s phenotype. For example if a yellow AA and a green aa mate, their offspring will be 100% yellow however they are heterozygous. 2. Genes are organized, not just randomly arranged, in the cell nucleus. Let’s detail this organization by defining some terms. A. What is a chromosome and what is a locus? In our text book, “How Humans Evolved” the fifth edition by Robert Boyd and Joan B. Silk, chromosome is defined to be “a linear body in the cell nucleus that carries genes and appears during cell division.” In other terms, it is a DNA
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Anthropology 5 problem set 2 - Anthropology 5 Fall 2009...

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