Anthropology 5 problem set 3

Anthropology 5 problem set 3 - Anthropology 5 Introduction...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology 5 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 3: (Molecular) Genetics & Heritability 1. Lets think about the evolutionary proce s s in genetic terms. Rem e m b e r that the prerequisites for natu selection are: (1) heritable (2) variation that (3) affects reproduction. A. What are the variants that natural selection is choosing among, and how do they differ at the mo level? There are a lot of heritable variants that natural selection choos e s among. Such example s are phenotype s and gene s. Whichever gene that is best to fit the environme nt will be chose n. It ca both negative and positive, it remove s bad mutations from the population and those who are p will have an increas e in allele frequency in the population. They differ at the molecular level be som e have better gene s and qualities than others. B. How is that these variants are transmitted to offspring? Thes e variants are pass e d onto their offspring becaus e they are good traits and are favored by It gets pass e d on to build better phenotype s, however it will take som e time for that to occur. C. How do these variants arise in the first place ? Thes e variants arise and increas e gradually over time becaus e they have a high rate of surviv adapting to the environme nt. D. What affect does reco mbination have on this variation? Reco m bination is also known as crossing- over which affects variation over time becaus e whe male and female come together to produce an offspring. The maternal and paternal chromo s o exchang e genetic material between each other. Gene s are alleles of each other. E. Through what avenue do these variants affect reproduction? E....
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Anthropology 5 problem set 3 - Anthropology 5 Introduction...

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