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Quiz 3 MON key - reverse transcriptase(DNA polymerase/RNA...

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BIO325 Genetics Instructor: Dr. Tracey Ruhlman TA: Teofil Nakov QUIZ 3 – MON key 1. 1. Topoisomerase 2. Helicase 3. Primase 4. RNA primer 5. RNA primer 6. Okazaki fragment 7. Single Strand Binding proteins 8. DNA Polymerase I 9. Lagging strand 10. Ligase 11. Leading strand 12. DNA Polymerase III 2. The enzyme that adds repetitive sequences, called __ telomeres ______________ to the ends of chromosomes in ____ eukaryotes _____________ (prokaryotes/eukaryotes) is called _______ telomerase _________________. This enzyme uses a ___ RNA ______ (RNA/DNA) template for synthesis of ___ DNA ______ (RNA/DNA). Therefore this enzyme has activity of a
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Unformatted text preview: reverse transcriptase (DNA polymerase/RNA polymerase/reverse transcriptase). During this process the template (template/newly synthesized) strand is being elongated. (1 point each blank) 3. NHEJ SDSA timing anytime after DNA replication, but before chromatids split at anaphase errors frequent, because it may cause a deletion none mechanism if staggered, ends are made blunt by exonucleases and are ligated together identical chromatid is used as template for DNA synthesis at double strand break. One strand of the broken chromosome invades the identical chromatid....
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