Quiz 4 WED KEY - BIO325 Genetics Instructor: Dr. Tracey...

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BIO325 Genetics Instructor: Dr. Tracey Ruhlman TA: Teofil Nakov QUIZ 4 Points are given in parentheses after each question. Total points = 20. 1. True or False: (1 point each) a) In Composite transposons, the transposase is coded in flanking Inverted Repeats TRUE b) A replicative transposon uses a mechanism that can be called cut and paste transposition FALSE c) A retrotransposon uses RNA intermediate to jump to another location in the genome TRUE d) LINE is an nonautonomous retrotransposon in the human genome FALSE 2. The following is a diagram of integration of a transposon into a new site in the genome. Label the four steps indicated in the diagram stating what if any enzymes are involved in each step. (1 point label) 1 = Transposase recognizes insertion site and makes staggered cut 2 = Transposon DNA inserted into new site and is ligated to overhangs of sticky ends 3 = DNA polymerase I fills in the gaps left at the overhangs 4. Direct repeats are formed, and ligase joins newly synthesized DNA.
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3. Compare and contrast (Briefly! in a couple of words) the following pairs of terms
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Quiz 4 WED KEY - BIO325 Genetics Instructor: Dr. Tracey...

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