case 4-12 Levi's - Worldwide Advertising Strategy or Localized Campaigns

Case 4-12 Levi's - Worldwide Advertising Strategy or Localized Campaigns

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Lee. 1 Levi’s – Worldwide Advertising Strategy or Localized Campaigns? 1. Prepare a report Listing the pros and cons of each of these three approaches Alternative 1 : Creating advertising campaigns locally or regionally but with a good deal of input and influence from headquarters (what they currently do) Advantage - Integration of headquarters and local idea; thus, the company can consider multi-cultural advertisements, cover broader cultures in different continents, and find difference for the future market trends in the world from the integration. - Covering and integrating different cultures will help Levi’s to develop the better analysis of global and local market taste. - This approach will help Levi’s to meet a long term objective which is “attain the greatest possible self-sufficiency in each of the major geographic areas where Levi Strauss International markets”. - Levi’s can maintain both the great control power with the headquarters and local sufficiency in each of the major geographic areas. - Maintaining current structure will save money and time. Disadvantage - The communication between headquarters and local advertising companies will be cost and it will require a great amount of time and effort. Both parties must try hard enough to understand each other. Ex) high context culture VS low context culture - The regional divisions may not understand the regional
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Lee. 2 individuals’ taste; Ex) Continental European Division is responsible for operation in many European countries that has different cultures and taste. - It is hard to keep a consistent product image. - Some cultures have resistant to outside suggestion; therefore, it is hard to work with the local advertising companies. Ex) Latin America Alternative 2 : Allowing campaigns to be created independently by local advertising companies Advantage - Locally created advertisement will meet the set of core values underlies in the culture. Ex) social responsibility, credibility, excellence, style, etc. - It is positive that the autonomy advertisement system will help Levi’s to operate in 70 different countries with less confusion with cultural and political matters. - Regional advertisement system will understand local trend fast. Disadvantage
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Case 4-12 Levi's - Worldwide Advertising Strategy or Localized Campaigns

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