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CEIE 230 – Homework Assignment No. 3 Assigned February 11, 2008. Due February 18, 2008 at start of class. Read: “Fluid Mechanics”, Chapter 2 1. Problem 2.30 2. Problem 2.42 3. Problem 2.51 Ans: Wt = 488.4 lbs 4. Problem 2.56 5. Problem 2.57 Ans: Mass = 2,475 kg Extra Credit 6. A water ( γ = 62.4 lb/ft 3 ) pipeline is to cross a stream by being laid on the bed. The table below provides design data for the pipeline. Use a spreadsheet to analyze this problem by adding a third column for the buoyant force on the pipe and a fourth column for the F net acting on the pipe when it is empty (down-negative and up-positive).
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Unformatted text preview: Finally, plot the F net as a function of the pipe size. (note: for this analysis assume that it is a very thin walled pipe and that the inside and outside diameter of the pipe is the same). Discuss: a) The largest pipe that will not float when it is empty. Ans: d ≈ 8.7 inch b) Whether an 18” diameter pipe will float when full of water. c) The volume (ft 3 ) of concrete ( γ = 150 lb/ft 3 ) you recommend as a cap on the above 18” diameter pipe to prevent it from floating. Ans: 0.3 ft 3 per foot of pipe Pipe Diameter (in) Pipe Weight (lb/ft) 4 12 6 18 8 24 10 30 12 39 18 66...
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