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Lab 7 - .—.5 LEE 3419 Lab 7" Murillo Firetc-r.Eile...

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Unformatted text preview: .\ .—. .5 LEE 3419 Lab 7" - Murillo Firetc-r: .Eile Edit .Eiew History Eookmalirs Ioois -Lie.|p w c x & httpiffmasongmuxdufmmhooch’celfidflfllfifiablhtm fl * 1g] Most‘iiisited II- Getting Started 3, Late: Heodfins CEIE 340 -- Water Resources Engineering Lab Assignment T Nos‘emh er 1—2, Zflfld Assumption Several of the problems require you to read yaiues flom Figure 4.4 on page 13"}. Please as erme the following values fiom that figure for the 10—year return perio d storm: {hours} [niches-"howl —— — 039' 0.11 Problem 3.415 on page 434. Problem 3.54 on page 435. Write a short report to your client — one or two paragraphs — describing what you did in problems 1 and 1, and explafiring the riiEE'ererrce in the estimates for the detention storage required. 1'What is your recommendation for designing the detention storage? As some yourcEecrrt is not an engineer and your report needs to be written so that she can understand the critical points. Click heretodownbaflaserrnrle sohrlionfortbislab. an Lab? - . - ' Eli - Paint ...
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