Chapter 6 - =>Have to 12 What is a physical Constraint...

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Chapter 6 Questionnaire 1) Why do we need to use web-based project Management tools? => save, cost 2) What project information is shared through a PM website? =>specification, outfield change order file, schedule 3) What is a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)? =>Summation and work article? 4) What are subsystems and work packages? =>break down 5) What is planning? =>break down activity break dow 6) What are the guidelines needed in establishing the WBS? 7) Which levels, level IV or LEVEL V of fig 6-1 meets the guidelines? => Level IV 8) Which aspects of the work contribute to the breakdown of the project into packages? => 1) Methods used to pay way. 2) Skills. 3) Craft worker. 4) Critical Resources 9) What are the four categories that establish the level of uniqueness? =>1) Location of Area. 2) Material Type. 3) Method of Placement. 4) Organization Resources. 10) What is an Activity? =>is when discuss 11) What is a sequence of logic order in construction operation?
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Unformatted text preview: =>Have to 12) What is a physical Constraint in construction operation? =>for example :- building the 1 st floor before the second example 13) What is management logic? => it’s a up to management to make a decision how do they want to complete the job. Such as put tiles first on the bathroom floor before putting up the toilet seat. 14) What does “closed In” mean? =>Putting roof, when the roof is completed work is complete. Chapter 6 Questionnaire 15) What are some of the time consuming activities to be considered in scheduling? 16) What control accounts of the WBS? => cost accounts or control account 17) How is the control budget prepared? => Grid 18) What is the code of accounts and on what projects is this used? => labeling 19) How many digits are in the cost code? => 14 digi t 20) What is it important to keep the “back-up” material for cost estimating? => For Historical Data...
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Chapter 6 - =>Have to 12 What is a physical Constraint...

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