Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Questionnaire 1) What is RFID? *...

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Chapter 11 Questionnaire 1) What is RFID? * Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Used for tracing and identifying construction equipment on con- struction sites, electronic identification tags are becoming widely used. * No line of site or direct contact is required between the reader and the tag. 2) What is the manager’s goal in selecting an equipment combination? * To select the equipment combination that yields the maximum production at the best or most reasonable price. 3) What are the two (2) categories of construction equipment? * Productive Equipment: describes units that alone or in combination lead to an end product that is recog- nized as a unit for payment. * Pavers, Haulers, Excavators, Loaders, Rollers * Support Equipment: is required for operations related to the placement of construction such as move- ment of personnel and materials and activities that influence the placement environment. * Hoists, Lighting Sets, Vibrators, Scaffolds 5) What is referred to as being equipment intensive? * Heavy construction operations are referred to as being equipment intensive. * Heavy construction contractors normally have a considerable amount of money tied up in fixed equip- ment assets, since capitalizing on a heavy construction firm is a relatively expensive operation. 6) What are the two costs associated with construction equipment? * Fixed (Ownership) Costs: which area costs that accrue whether the piece of equipment is in use or not. * Depreciation, Insurance, Interest Charges * Variable Costs: (Operating Costs) accrue because of consumption of supplies and common practice is to include the operator’s wages in the operating costs. Usually expressed on an hourly basis.
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Questionnaire 1) What is RFID? *...

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