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Krupetskiy 1 Tatsiana Krupetskiy Professor Howe RC 220-B 07/15/2009 Judaism My first encounter with Judaism was mostly through mass media and historic literature. Even though there used to be a lot of Jews in my hometown, most of them immigrated to the Unites States or Israel when I was still a little girl. Thus, I’ve never met a Jewish person who was practicing Judaism. From Experiencing the World’s Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change , I’ve learnt that Jews have been exiled, captured, and persecuted thought history. However, these multiple attacks on Judaism just made the religion stronger – a fact that is fascinating to me. I think Jewish religious beliefs –in God, in the words of the prophets, in laws of Moses, in Messiah, and in resurrection – helped them survive and withstand all the sufferings that were brought upon them (Molloy 329). The most horrifying event in the history of Judaism, and mankind in general, was the Holocaust, during which about six million Jews had died. Adolf Hitler rationalized genocide by the belief that Jews and Gypsies were less human and in fact dangerous parasites that polluted a pure Aryan race (Kornblum 302). I cannot understand his logic or the fact that someone could be that violent against another human being by burning them alive or shooting them to death. I guess some of us are not homo sapiens after all. Nowadays, Jewish believers have a memorial day, Shoah, to commemorate the victims by performing services in honor of those who had died and watching programs and documentaries about the Holocaust (Molloy 334). Nevertheless, Judaism survived and spread all
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Krupetskiy 2 over the world. The United States and Israel welcomed the majority of the Jewish community. In
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Judaism - Krupetskiy1 Tatsiana Krupetskiy Professor Howe RC...

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