Christianity - Krupetskiy 1 Tatsiana Krupetskiy Professor...

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Krupetskiy 1 Tatsiana Krupetskiy Professor Howe RC 220-B 29 July 2009 Christianity For generations people have been seeking answers to the essential questions about their existence: Where do we come from? Where are we going? What lies ahead? Religion has always been there for humanity to help answer these important questions. Religious practices, traditions, and beliefs were based on a geographical region of its practioners, their cultural values, and history. Therefore, various world religions have developed to satisfy the needs of people with diverse cultural backgrounds. Some emerged in the East, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shinto, while others appeared in the West, such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Even though many of these religions have found followers around the globe, Christian missionaries succeeded the most in spreading their religious beliefs. As noted by Molloy, Christianity appealed to people for many reasons (Molloy 388). What may account for Christianity’s prominent position for a number of centuries is that it offered divine help, promised an afterlife, gave hope to its followers, and aimed at helping the poor and treating the sick. However, in the sixteenth century Europeans started to challenge papal authority that was so central to Christianity and created a new denomination – Protestantism. The Protestant Reformation is a great example of the fact that religion goes hand in hand with the modern culture and, thus, has to adjust to the changing needs of people and the evolution of thought. Christian bishops and popes have been viewed as spiritual leaders for a number of
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Christianity - Krupetskiy 1 Tatsiana Krupetskiy Professor...

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