D 7 - someone is need for cash before the next paycheck...

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Dear class and Dr. Wehmhoefer, I work at a small dental office. My boss is pretty tolerant and understanding when it comes to family-work life issues. For example, if someone is pregnant, they give you up to 3 months to stay home with the baby. When my child is sick, I can take as much time off as needed. However, we don’t get paid time-off, just vacation time. He might let you use a day of vacation, if you are absent from work for a good reason. Moreover, they let you take up to a month of unpaid time off at one time. Right now I’ve decided that I wanted to go to my home country for a month in October. They said that it was going to be challenging without me, but they would make it work, because family was way more important. However, some bigger corporations are not that tolerant. When a friend of mine, who used to work at Calvin Klein, decided to take a month off for the same reason, they told her to either be back in two weeks or quit. She chose the latter. Moreover, if
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Unformatted text preview: someone is need for cash before the next paycheck, they can give you a pay advance. My workplace is really friendly. All the employees get along great. We are like a big family. We eat lunches together, have pot lucks often, and even hang out outside the workplace. As far as the change goes, I would like to see my employer to be a little bit stricter sometimes. People take advantage of his kindness and abuse their positions by cheating on hours, not showing to work for silly reasons, and the like. This change need to happen to achieve justice. It is just morally wrong of some individuals to act in a disrespectful; way. Thus, I agree with Aristotle, who saw justice as a kind of equality. 1 Notes 1. Boatright, p.191. Equality Arguments. Works Cited Boatright, John R. Ethics and the Conduct of Business . 6 th ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hill, 2009. Sincerely, Ms. Krupetskiy...
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D 7 - someone is need for cash before the next paycheck...

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