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Beal and Gilmore

Beal and Gilmore - Jonathan Gold F.Y.P Dr Mary Mar Beal and...

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Jonathan Gold September 23, 2005 F.Y.P. Dr. Mary Mar Beal and Gilmore Response Beal is writing to discuss his view about what religion has to do with monsters, and what monsters have to do with religion. He has divided his book into two propositions: that we can learn something about a religious traditions by getting to know its monsters, and that we can learn something about monsters by looking at their religious backgrounds. Part One of his book, “Religion and Its Monsters,” considers religion as horror, Part Two horror as religion. To help understand the paradoxical sense of the monster is by way of Sigmund Freud’s concept of the unheimlich, that is, the “unhomely” or “uncanny”. If heimlich refers to that which belongs within the four walls of the “house,” then unheimlich refers to that which threatens one’s sense of “at-homeness,” not from the outside but from within the house.
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