Beowulf 3-37

Beowulf 3-37 - Jonathan Gold First-Year Preceptorial...

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Jonathan Gold September 12, 2005 First-Year Preceptorial Beowulf 3-37 Response The legendary Danish king, Shield Sheafson, was an abandoned infant, but quickly rose to be a strong and powerful ruler. Three generations later, Hrothgar would step forward to rule the Danes. Under Hrothgar’s rule, the kingdom prospered and progressed in great military strength. Hrothgar decided to construct a great mead-hall where he would be able to dine with his people. The hall was named Heorot, and there the men gathered with their lord to drink and sing songs. For a time, the kingdom enjoyed peace and prosperity, until one night a demon named Grendel emerged from the swamplands to listen to the songs sung at Heorot. Danish songs about God’s creation of the earth angered Grendel, and when the men were asleep the monster attacked Heorot. Inside he slaughtered thirty men, Hrothgar’s warriors were unprepared and powerless against this demon. The following night the monster continued his rain of terror on the Danes, and would continue killing for twelve more years. All attempts to stop Grendel have failed, and soon news of this terror spreads far and wide. At this time, Beowulf, descendent of the Geatish king, Hygelac, has heard of the
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Beowulf 3-37 - Jonathan Gold First-Year Preceptorial...

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