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Dragons 5-7 - Jonathan Gold First-Year Precept September...

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Jonathan Gold September 21, 2005 First-Year Precept An Instinct for Dragons Analysis The dragon has many aspects of his character that can be looked at, to find out why certain things are added to this marvelous creature we must look at all of its parts. Natural selection can once again prove useful in explaining the behavior of dragons we have molded in our minds. To be convinced into thinking why a dragon has a certain trial, and how it came to be there, should be the first thing we try to explain in an imaginary creature. We have this fear of dragons, because they often represent power, it is not that they are more than like to be made-up, but because often times they have the ability to breath fire. Fire is one of the most power natural elements on this planet, and has become the many stepping stone in advancing technology and evolution. Why do dragons more than often have the deadly breath of fire, what made us give them that ability? When an attacker is over you he is in your face, and they have usually become worked up, their breath is fierily hot. “Immediate danger,” however, is the major signal of the breath. Thus the breath of the attacker is connected with danger”
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Dragons 5-7 - Jonathan Gold First-Year Precept September...

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