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Essay #1 - Jonathan Gold Dr. Mary Mar Defining Monsters...

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Jonathan Gold October 10, 2005 Dr. Mary Mar Monster Essay #1 Defining Monsters Monsters are everywhere but have the ability to be nowhere. We can look at living beings around us, and find that they may have to be a monster, and kill to survive. At the same time, running into your parent’s bed room because there is a monster in your closet, is an example of monsters being nowhere. Monsters come in many different forms; disciplines help to separate the imaginary from the real, the dragons from the atomic bombs. From the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, the word “monster” is defined more than once as a noun: An imaginary or legendary creature, that combines parts from various animal or human forms, a creature having a strange or frightening appearance, an animal, a plant, or other organism having structural defects or deformities, one who inspires horror or disgust: a monster of selfishness. Monsters are defined as different constructs with respect to the disciplines of biology, psychology, religion, and sociology. They are interpreted differently through the eyes of each one. Monsters separated into all fields of study are indefinable; when disciplines are introduced we can combine the definitions, and finally be able to say what a monster is. Still, the question of restriction arises. Which discipline should define monsters: monsters are not real, they are figments of the imagination, or monsters do exist and we can see them and the destruction they do. Specifications need to be made to truly
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Essay #1 - Jonathan Gold Dr. Mary Mar Defining Monsters...

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