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Grendel Response 1 - Jonathan Gold Dr. Mary Mar October 31,...

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Jonathan Gold October 31, 2005 Dr. Mary Mar Grendel Response 1 Grendel, by John Gardener, is the same Grendel from Beowulf , but the reader is able to hear the story of Grendel through the eyes of Grendel. The story opens with Grendel watching an old ram stand stupid and motionless at the edge of a cliff. This ram refuses to so much as acknowledge Grendel’s presence, that Grendel beings to have a temper tantrum, like a child.   Grendel’s inability to communicate with the ram may foreshadow some of his future interactions. The ram is the start of the Zodiac’s twelve- year cycle, in that the ram is linked to Aries, and the twelve-years are links to Grendel’s twelve-year rampage. The start of the growing season marks the beginning of the twelfth- year of Grendel’s war with the humans, a conflict he mocks as idiotic. Grendel is perpetually trapped in one-way conversations with all creatures that can’t understand him. The title I would give to this chapter is “Grendel’s Conversations”, because we learn that Grendel acts like a child in that he is unable to communicate with others. We learn that even Grendel’s own mother is either unable or unwilling to communicate with him. Denied any real conversation partner, Grendel is forced to live in an endless interior monologue, with most of his significant conversations taking place within his own head. After establishing the beginning of the twelve-year battle between Grendel and the Danes, Chapter 2 takes us an unspecified number of years into the past to tell the story of Grendel’s first exposure to the human world. After being alone for sometime in the cave he ventures above the pool of firesnakes into the moonlight. Grendel goes no further the first night, but as time passes he ventures farther and farther out into this strange new world. One day, in the upper world, Grendel finds himself painfully trapped
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in a tree. He bellows for his mother, but she does not come. A bull appears and, despite
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Grendel Response 1 - Jonathan Gold Dr. Mary Mar October 31,...

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