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Grendel Response 2 - Jonathan Gold Dr Mary Mar November 2...

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Jonathan Gold November 2, 2005 Dr. Mary Mar Grendel Response 2 In the following chapters of Grendel , by John Gardner, chapter 5 opens with Grendel finding himself in the presence of a huge, red-golden dragon. The dragon has been expecting Grendel, and he takes cruel pleasure in Grendel’s fright and discomfort. He laughs obscenely and points out that Grendel’s reaction to him is just like the humans reaction to Grendel. The dragon claims to know everything about everything. As a more highly evolved creature than Grendel and the humans, the dragon has a vision of the world that is beyond any creature’s comprehension. The dragon determines that Grendel has come seeking answers about the Shaper, and he begins by explaining the flaws in human thinking. The stubborn dragon launches into a sprawling philosophical discussion, in which he has difficulty making his points understandable to the simple, childlike Grendel. Finally, Grendel and the dragon reach a frustrated stalemate, and the dragon reveals that the world Grendel knows is no more than a small ripple in the stream of Time, a gathering of dust that will fade away completely when enough years pass. After ridiculing humankind’s theories about God, the dragon gives Grendel a final piece of advice: “My advice to you, my violent friend, is to seek out gold and sit on it” (Gardner
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Grendel Response 2 - Jonathan Gold Dr Mary Mar November 2...

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