Metamorphosis2 - Jonathan Gold Dr. Mary Mar October 24,...

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Jonathan Gold October 24, 2005 Dr. Mary Mar Kevin W. Sweeney Response In Kevin W. Sweeney’s Completing Theories of Identity , in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis , he addresses that there exists a three-part structure in Kafka’s writings. Sweeney says, “the transformation at [the very beginning] stages [of] psychological incompletion, enables Kafka to conduct a philosophical exploration of the nature of self, personhood, and identity” (Sweeney 140). Sweeney’s belief is that Kafka dismissed the normal theoretical framework of a story, and turned it into a dialogical, polyphonic work. Due to the fact that there is not any one theoretical perspective, the reader is encouraged to undertake “experimentation”, a process which involves a recognition of the inadequacy of the respective opposed theories and an acknowledgment of the unresolved nature of the debate. Aiding the reader in this process of experimentation is the novel’s tripartite structure. The first section presents a dualist conception of the person: Gregor is a consciousness disembodied from this original body and lucked into an alien organism. In the second section, behaviorist and materialist views challenge the earlier theory. Finally, the third section, counters both theories by a social-constructionist theory of the self and
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Metamorphosis2 - Jonathan Gold Dr. Mary Mar October 24,...

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