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Jonathan Gold November 18, 2005 Final Precept Reflection/Portfolio Assignment Dear Dr. Mary Mar, My name is Jonathan Gold; I’m a nineteen year old freshman engineering major at Union College. I consider my ethos to still be in the development stages of my life, and that with every year passing I learn to understand more and start discovering who I am. I still find it hard to advance to the next level, though I know I am so close; practice makes perfect and adds experience. If I am to succeed as an Engineer, than I must practice and allow my ethos to grow; creating my credibility. Even though I found it hard, at times, to manage I still believe that this course was necessary for me to advance in my reading and writing skills. The purpose of this portfolio is to show how well I have improved over the ten weeks of Precept. I will compare my first and final responses as well as my first and final essays. You will see how my understanding of my reading and writing skill have improved. When I like what I am reading, I am able to understand while reading more
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2009 for the course ENG 100 taught by Professor Marr during the Spring '09 term at Union.

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Reflection - Jonathan Gold Final Precept...

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