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Sociology 100-02 Due: 3/10/06 Dr. Deidre Hill Butler Final Essay Outline I. Introduction 1. Introductory Statements a. There are many types of families in the world, but there is a trend towards the Western norm of the nuclear family i. Western idea of romantic love, the growth of urbanization and of centralized governments, and employment in organizations out side traditional family influences b. There have been major changes in patterns of family life in the United States during the post-World War II period 2. Thesis Statement a. With the rights of women becoming more widely recognized, the shifting of gender roles have contributed to the trends that influence social and economic changes in the family life II. Body 1. First Paragraph 1. Myths of the Traditional Family i. Stephanie Coontz “The Way We Never Were” 2. Marriage and the Family in the United States i. Modern Western families
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Second Paragraph 1. Alternatives to Traditional Forms of Marriage and the Family i. Cohabitation ii. Gay-Parent Families iii. Staying Single 2. Theoretical Perspectives on the Family i. Functionalism 3. Third Paragraph 1. The Future of American Families i. Divorce and Separation ii. Remarriage and Stepparenting iii. Single-Parent Households III. Conclusion 1. Thesis reflection on key points a. High percentages of woman are in the paid labor force, there is rising rates of divorce, and substantial proportions of the population are either in single-parent households or are living with stepfamilies 2. Ending statement a. It seems certain that alternative forms of social and sexual relationships to those prevalent in the past will flourish still further b. Yet marriage and the family remain firmly established institutions....
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