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Sociology 100-02 Due: 3/09/06 Dr. Deidre Hill Butler Final Essay Outline I. Introduction 1. Introductory Statements a. Since the twentieth century we have often associated the notion of work with drudgery—with a set of tasks that we want to minimize and, if possible, escape from altogether b. Work has more going for it than drudgery, or people would not feel so lost and disoriented when they become unemployed 2. Thesis Statement a. Now in the twenty-first century, with the increase in globalization making a great deal of difference in our working lives; the nature of the work we do is being changed by forces of global economic competition II. Body 1. First Paragraph 1. Downsizing of General Motors in Flint, Michigan i. Roger and Me worksheet and video ii. William Wilson, “When Work Disappears: The World of the New Urban Poor” 2. Max Weber’s views on GM in Flint, MI i. Rationalization and Social control
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Second Paragraph 1. Portfolio Workers i. Being able to move readily from job to job ii. Current “flexibility” is associated with poorly paid jobs 2. New Technology i. Increase in non-manual occupations ii. Automation and Group Production 3. Third Paragraph 1. New strategies for labor management i. Nature and organization of work ii. Affect on workers, both now and in the future III. Conclusion 1. Thesis reflection on key points a. Globalization is responsible for the changes in the nature of work b. Global economic competition forces changes in the economy, which in turn forces changes in the workplace. 2. Ending statement a. With the impact of new technology it seems likely it will further increase unemployment rates. b. Nonetheless, work remains for many people the key basis of generating resources necessary to sustain a varied life....
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