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SRS Final - were recreated by various boosters hoping to...

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Jonathan Gold Proposal Due: 10/10/06 SRS: Photographing Culture Gmelch My proposal for the final project in this class is to build upon research regarding the United States’ national parks and forests. Contemporary scholars argue that, at the turn of the twentieth century, the National Park Service’s prime concern was balancing the cultural, economic, and political needs of the country. Accordingly, economic interests of the corporations—such as railroad companies—paved the way for national tourism with the parks becoming the primary destination. To help promote tourism, new images of the wilderness were created to promote the idea of a prestige wilderness, that visitors could both visit and take national pride in. During this period, national parks were established and ideals of wilderness
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Unformatted text preview: were recreated by various boosters hoping to capitalize on the new industry. In addition, policies were implemented to support the emerging ideologies at the turn of the twentieth century. Therefore, more attention was given to the political and economic interests of the country than to the environmentalism of the parks. As a consequence, the National Park Service must currently balance its commitment to tourism with wilderness protection and conservation. This photo-essay provides a photographic account of the National Park and Forest services’ attempt to balance tourism with protection of wilderness areas....
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