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Test format: 2 required essays 1 optional essay (choose 1 of 4) 1 short essay worth 10 points. Spend about 20 min on each essay. We have 1 hour 20min for it. Review: We don’t need to know know much about colonialism, just the legacy of it. Cortez Lecture: don’t really need to know anything about him. Mestizaje Decimation/ exploitation of indeginous The difference in social classes that emerged during colonoliasm. Spaniards that were coming over from spain Criollo- Spanish by blood Mestizo-spanish people born in mexico with mixed blood Gente de razon- refers to the northern Mexicans with land and stuff. Social classes were formed and they had a big part in the independence movement. Good for legacy. The key being income and land distribution. How did that affect later years? Another theme: many people in mexico still trace their roots back to the Aztecs, not the Spaniards. Why not cortez? Why did they reject spain? Another legacy: influence of the church. What was their role in the war of independence? This war was first led by father hidalgo, a mestizo priest. Remember that he held back, he could have won but he didn’t. but the people that rose up beneath him were much more radical and he pulled back because he wasn’t sure what the people following him would do. Trend of leaders not knowing their radical followers shown again with madero not trusting the Zapatistas and caranza made the 1917 constitution was made to control his radicals like pancho villa, even though nothing was established until many years later.
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The PRI took over after the revolution but they misrepresented the people, not knowing what was best for them, leading to terrible decisions and poor infrastructure. It was more about stability rather than giving people what they wanted. Colononoism built all of this with cortez as leader. PRI Questions: what good things the profirio diaz do for mexico?
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