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09 - Trade North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA...

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Trade: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)- contention took place around ’92 and was voted on in ’93. It was so defining because it was a way to integrate 3 the Americas into the global economy. In ’88, carlos selinas was voted in with fraud. Cardenas won. But he moved quickly to assert control soon after being elected. He wanted investors for Mexico but was surprised when global powers were investing in eastern Europe. To get people to Mexico, he proposed the agreement to the US. It was signed by selinas, bush, and Mulroney of Canada in august of ’92, an election year. When Clinton wins, he says the agreement lacks things. It provides protection for business in Mexico, but it doesn’t discuss labor rights and environmental protections. He decided to negotiate 2 side agreements. People said that the agreement would jumpstart trade. There was a debate in the US. They thought it would create jobs. We would sell more to Mexico. It will be healthy for both Mexico and US. Nobody cared about Canada. Making it easier to sell in Mexico will
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