Midterm 2 review

Midterm 2 review - Midterm 2 review Immigration Bracero...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm 2 review Immigration Bracero Program- started after ww2 when Americans needed help. I t was a guest worker program. But lots of problems. There was a lack of payment and workers were exploited. During the program, illegal immigration was reduced but operation wetback still went through that controlled deportation. There was a lot of racism that started through it. The company owned your visa so they had control of legality. You could easily be fired and gave employers far too much power. Ended because on the Mexican side, it was an embarrassment. I t impacted on how Mexico approaches immigration. Comprehensive reform- increase enforcement and reform immigration laws. Need to stop the flow of immigration but take care of the ones already here. Amnesty deals with the stock problem. Changing the quotas on how many people to legalize each year. Also a guest worker program. The dream act for education. Separation of immigration and criminal policy. Unintended consequences- stopping circular migration. In the early 90’s, enforcement of the border was increased: operation gatekeeper. With the wall, more deaths came along and with coyotes, they got paid more and became organized crime. Strengthens drug cartels. There's a shift in types of jobs. They are working non-seasonal work. They are moving deeper into the country. Consequences of amnesty of 1986- IRCA- required employers to check if they had documents but they were not required to verify them. IRCA legalized a lot of people that were living and working in the country. People faked identities. Others couldn’t be verified because they were paid under the table....
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Midterm 2 review - Midterm 2 review Immigration Bracero...

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