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guatemala book notes - after 1954 coup in Guatemala there...

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10/20/09 after 1954 coup in Guatemala, there was a revolution in 1959 in cuba. They learned that in order to succeed, they needed to be armed because they thought the US would intervene (which they did). During Kenney, US introduced lots of reforms in order to avoid revolution. This way they would be able to bring about some change in the country and contain a much bigger, armed, popular movement. The point of the book was to focus on one village to bring out the feelings of those people more. -Why is the military important in a country like Guatemala? -In most countries, it is there to defend the nation from outside forces. In Guatemala, there is no democracy so the only way to keep things in check is to have a strong military to keep the people in place and support the elite. They point their guns inwards. -Officers and generals are ladinos and are trained in the US. Catholic church -for them, salvation was not what you do here but when you die. The more you suffer, the better chances you have of going to heaven. God preferred the poor. - Plantation Owners -land was the most important part of living. There, you have to survive off your land. But most of the land was inherited and went to the elites. That land was made to grow things for export. Things that could sustain the population were not grown. -nothing can happen in Guatemala unless the land problems change Peasant -poor people.
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-involved in growing food on their own land insurgent forces -designed to rebel against a government. But they don’t have a large economic or political base, initially. If they are successful, they could have a
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guatemala book notes - after 1954 coup in Guatemala there...

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