final midterm notes - Latino political participation...

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Latino political participation Schooling runs through a lot of political contests The illegality of immigration is in the crossing, not the living here. Schumer, a senator, said that we have to call people illegally illegal immigrants. If we don’t, people start to ignore it. We have to change their status, not their name. Illegal aliens- haha. It’s a derogatory term kind of. So theres 3 options. Undocumented immigrants, illegal immigrants, or illegal aliens. If you have credible fear that you will be killed in your homeland, you have amnesty to live here. In south America, that is for Cubans because of the cold war. In Haiti, almost all of them are classified as economic refugees and frequently sent back. At the height of the violence in Guatemala, politics made it so that only around 3% were allowed to stay here. Latinos are now the largest minority in the US. The rapid rise in their number has created political attention about their influence as voters and such. From 1980-2000, the growth of latinos was 4 times are great as the general population.
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final midterm notes - Latino political participation...

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