09 notes - To the PRI, immigrants seemed like an...

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9/22/09 3 things today: 1 tremor 2 aftershocks the tremor is interesting. Earthquake or tremor? It was a pivotal event as it changed mexico but did not transform it the election in 2006 was an aftershock the election in july 2009 was another aftershock. They all show where mexico and US are going. So we finally start to pull together for the actual class. No more history I guess? Tremor: As mentioned, no one thought a small senator was going to overthrow a 71 year old regime. People thought he would do well, but not actually win. 2 people helped generate ideas for where they were going Jorge Castaneda Adolfo aguilar zinzer They felt that Vicente fox would be the best to overthrow the PRI. They helped shape his ideas in a certain direction So he wins in july….by a lot. But he didn’t win either house of congress. Of 3 parties, the other 2 were the majority, which would prove to be problematic. Castaneda ends up being part of the UN security council
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Unformatted text preview: To the PRI, immigrants seemed like an embarrassment. To Fox, they were heroes who had overcome lots of hardships and succeed. 2 things happened: 1. he puts immigration on the agenda in a public and effective way. No one could remember when mexico was setting the foreign policy agenda with the US. Castaneda pushes harder in the US for immigration reform because fox cant do much in congress. Unfortunately all of their meetings with bush were done a few days before 9/11 so immigration is pulled down and ignored and iraq becomes their main goal. Immigration is ignored for now. Before 9/11, Castaneda pushes for UN seat, and the Mexican people push towards reform in foreign countries. After, everyone is opposed to go to war. the US wanted them to join them and be an ally, but the general public is against it. But Mexico wants reform in US! Odd situation. Aguilar died in a car accident....
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09 notes - To the PRI, immigrants seemed like an...

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