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L AB R EPORT G UIDELINES C HEMISTRY 3BL, S ECTION 502, F RIDAY 9 AM – 1 PM GSI: O LIVIA L EE Name, experiment title, experiment date and due date Statement of purpose i.e. general description of the experiment in two sentences Data and observations Amount of reagents used, amount of products obtained, relevant physical properties, calculation of the new theoretical yield and percent yield, results from characterization (R f , mp, etc.), and anything worthwhile that you observe during experiment (color changes, description of products, etc.). Tables are great for organizing and summarizing your data. Spectral data analysis: assign your structures to the peaks in your NMR spectra. *Note: You are not graded on the NMR spectral analysis for Experiment 12 ONLY, and you are graded for the rest of the experiments done during the semester. I would still recommend that you do try to assign your spectra for Experiment 12, because it’s an opportunity for you to practice and not be penalized for your mistakes.
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Unformatted text preview: • Discussion (2 pages max) You MUST cover EVERYTHING mentioned in the manual. If any one of the discussion points is not included, the entire lab is zero. Write this section in the paragraph form, no bullets. You can also discuss the following questions in addition to the lab manual discussion points: How do the results fit your expectations and/or predictions? If they are much different from expected (low yield, low melting point, extra spots on TLC plate, etc.), what might be causing the discrepancy? What are some ways to improve your results? • Questions Again, make sure you answer all the question asked in the manual. If any question is omitted, the entire lab is zero. • Conclusion (2-4 sentences) Summarize important results and comment on the experiment (i.e. Did the experiment go well? Is there anything significantly deviating from your expectations?)...
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