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Unformatted text preview: r About to be Zapped Brain A French Brain French My Brain My T hi s spi r al spi r epr esents the 23 stages occur r i ng i n stages t he f i r st t r i mester of pr egnancy and ever y two weeks of the t wo second and thi r d tr i mester s. tr Fer ti l i zati on Stage 1 Stage 1 Oocyte, 300 M i l l i on Sper m, 24 hour s 0.1 - 0.15 mm 0.1 1 day postd ay ovul ati on F erti l i zati on begi ns w hen a sper m penetrates an oocyte (an egg) and i t ends wi th the cr eati on of t he zygote. The f er ti l i zati on pr ocess takes about 24 hour s. 24 Stage 2 Cl eavage F i r st Cel l Di vi si on, Fi B l astomer es, M i toti c di vi si on 0.1-0.2 mm 1.5-3 days postovul ati on Stage 5 Stage 10 N eur al Fol ds Neur B egi n to Fuse, H ear t Tube Fuses 1.5-3.0 mm 21-23 days postovul ati on I mpl antati on Compl ete, Pl acental Ci r cul ati on System Begi ns System 0.1 – 0.2 mm 7-12 days postovul ati on Cross Sections of 3-D Image Cross … of a h uman embr yo, 44 d ays after concepti on . concepti Roughl i sti R bean, si ze of a navy oughl y tthel l si h as webbed fi nger s and toes, but i s al r eady devel opi ng a br ai n wi th two hemi spher es, br the pr ecur sor s of ver tebr ae t he (dashl i ke str uctur es i n r i ght sl i ce) and i nter nal or gans. Stage 15 Stage (6 to 8 weeks post fer ti l i zati on ) L ens vesi cl e, nasal pi t, hand pl ate; t r unk wi dens; futur e cer ebr al hemi spher es di sti nct h emi H ead and neck Stage 23 (appr oxi matel y 56-57 appr postovul ar days) postovul E ssenti al exter nal and Essenti i nter nal str uctur es compl ete...
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