Biochemistry Exam 1 (2004)

Biochemistry Exam 1 (2004) - Biochemistry Exam 1 Biology...

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Biochemistry Exam 1 FULL NAME __________________________________ 1 Biology 020.305 (please print clearly) 09/27/04 ________ Biochemistry – Exam 1 Biology 020.305 September 27, 2004 Instructions for examination: 1. Print your full name clearly on each page. If there are any pages missing, obtain a new exam. No excuses will be accepted for missing pages. There are a total of 13 pages including: 1 cover page 1 10 question pages 2-11 1 scrap page 12 1 grading page 13 2. Write answers clearly and concisely in the space provided. Anything written on the back of the exam is not graded . Extra space for doodling etc is found on the last page of the exam. If you desire partial credit for anything that is NOT in the answer space provided, you must clearly indicate where we should look for that partial credit. It cannot be on the back of the exam. 3. Exams must be written in blue or black permanent ink. Use of white-out, other corrective liquids, or erasable ink is not permitted. Failure to follow these rules will waive your right to submit the exam for a regrade. 4. Calculators are not necessary and their use is not allowed. When arithmetic calculations are requested, if you are unable to do the calculations manually, set up the solution as completely as possible without actually solving for the final number. 5. This exam is closed note and closed book. Books, notes, etc., are to be placed out of sight before the beginning of the exam and are not to be referred to during the exam. 6. Cheating and misrepresentation of work (including on an exam submitted for regrading) are both violations of academic integrity as outlined in the Constitution of the Undergraduate Academics Ethics Board printed in the Undergraduate Academic Manual. Students are expected to know and abide by the standards of academic integrity. 7. You will be allowed 1 hour and 45 minutes to take this exam. 8. Good Luck!
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Biochemistry Exam 1 FULL NAME __________________________________ 2 Biology 020.305 (please print clearly) 09/27/04 ________ ________________________________________________________________ True or Fals e. Write in T for mostly true or F if mostly false. 1. Serine is a polar amino acid. 2. A hydrogen bond is defined as a H shared by a O and C, or shared by a N and C. 3. Charged residues are frequently found in the interior of proteins 3° structure. 4. Tyr absorbs UV light at 280 nm more than Phe. 5. Proteins tend to be most soluble at a pH near their pI. 6. An energetically unfavorable reaction can occur if coupled with an energetically favorable reaction. 7. φ is the angle formed by rotating the C α —N bond of the protein backbone. 8. van der Waals interactions result from induced dipoles. 9.
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Biochemistry Exam 1 (2004) - Biochemistry Exam 1 Biology...

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