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Abnormal psych: 10/8/09 Textbook conversion disorder Case study – Sense-deficit disorder o Prissy girl wants to marry black dude, father says “I don’t wanna hear of it!” and the next day, he really can’t hear Has to be differentiated from malingering: where partients aim is to bullshit the doc into thinking that there is a problem Girl got injured during job – claimed that she couldn’t get both arms above her head worker’s compensation not taxed, etc. Could be a conversion disorder, but must differentiate from malingering Pain disorder associated w/ psychological factors and general medical condition When you add psychological factor and physical underpains together, they explain the condition – theres no hidden piece unlike malingering Make generalization when psychologcail factor that aggravate the genuine underlying medical problem (aggravate – make it more severe) or it maintinas the condition longer than the condition would otherwise last; not intentional, not fabricated but it’s real Ex: patient has strep and still has strep a month later something else going on? Ex: two carpenters, both on scaffold, both hurt back. One has good marriage, other doesn’t. Both have physical therapy, recover 6-8 weeks w/ anti- inflammatory. But the one w/ bad marriage still suffers medical condition is real and psychological factors increases pain Both sets totally explain patient’s condition Hypochondriasis (“Croc”) Patient has preoccupation w/ fears of having a serious illness; doesn’t have the illness – just has a fear of getting it Will misinterpret the body symptoms: a little muscle spasm – here comes a heart attack Patient’s symptoms will persist despite reassurance o Response: Thank you doctor” – goes to call another doctor thinking that this doctor is wrong; does a lot of doctor shopping Diagnosis: patient must experience symptoms of fear for 6 mnths o Usually if not always, patient is focused w/ one major disease (ex. Heart attack) o The worry about something could induce a disorder along the lines of what their fear is Body-dysmorphic disorder Preoccupation w/ imagined defect in appearance – or if there is a defect, their emotional reaction is extreme compared to the defect
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  • Spring '08
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, psychological factors, w/ psychological factors

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Abnormal psych - Abnormal psych Textbook conversion...

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