Lecture 6 - Lecture6 17:26 Humanistic(50s60s)(American)

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17:26 Humanistic (50s-60s) (American) Goal is to reaffirm individuality Eliminate deterministic focus of psychodynamic theory Affirm being able to choose how you act, are Assumptions o Inborn drive for growth, self-actualization Being your true self Uninfluenced by environment Free choice Abnormal is from abandoning this drive to be yourself o Innate capacity for goodness and creativity o Everyone develops self concept Self concept is developed by others through reactions and  relationships Carl Rogers o Behavior is always motivated by self actualization o Judge what is in your best interest o Valuing – we like activities that enhance our self-concept and dislike  negative activities or critical people o Children become aware of themselves as people earlier than Freud  thought Unconditional positive regard is needed for children Maslo o Added hierarchy of developmental needs o Levels of needs Fundamental needs – hunger, thirst, etc. Security and stability needs – job, resources, etc.
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Lecture 6 - Lecture6 17:26 Humanistic(50s60s)(American)

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